Creative Writing & Comprehension Course 创意写作理解班

ChengYu/ Reading Comprehension/ Composition & Creative Writing Techniques

成语俗语、 阅读理解、 创意写作

Objectives: to help students to acquire more Chinese vocabulary, as well as to enhance their Reading & Comprehensive and Writing skills.
增加华文词汇量 ,提升理解问答及写作水平。

A lot of students are having difficulties with Chinese writing, and some with Reading and Comprehension. Students can achieve enhancement in different aspects in terms of Writing and Reading & Comprehension by joining our Creating Writing & Comprehension Course.


We insist on small class teaching, and teach every student according to their different pace of learning, and we stimulate students’ curiosity. Tutors are able to pay close attention to every single students on their homework and learning situation, and provide solutions accordingly. We are dedicated to discover every student’s strength, and help them to enhance their overall Chinese level with systematic ways of Writing, Reading, Comprehension and Conversation.


Tuition Fees: